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Hayes Fletcher is a freelance writer and newspaper columnist.  See his complete biography on the next page.  

This site will include complete descriptions of the published works, as well as ongoing comments, updated works and direct ordering information. 

His first published novel was Moonbeams From A Jar.  This story, about two boys growing up in the 1940's in the rural south is rich with history and life experiences.

His second published book entitled Press Clippings: Social, Political & Cultural Columns is a collection of his best newspaper columns from the 1970's until 2013. 

Next is a children's book, The Magical Purple Thermos Bottle: A Fable for Children.
Join Cody as he makes friends with his talking purple thermos bottle.   Learn lessons about friendship, kindness and accepting others who may be different from us. 

The most recent book Laughing All The Way: A Joke a Day Keeps Stress Away
is a collection of jokes and humor on a variety of topics.  This book is only available through the website and not on Amazon.  

ALL OF THESE BOOKS ARE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON and as a KINDLE digital file AND THROUGH THE DIRECT LINK ON THE NEXT PAGE. The exception is Laughing All the Way which is only available through this website via the PayPal link. 

** We will be updating this site with current published newspaper columns and updated news.

Feel free to send your comments about the books to
Also if you have an Amazon account we would appreciate your leaving comments/reviews on the Amazon site with each book title.  Direct Amazon links are on the Books page under ordering information. 


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