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                                    MOONBEAMS FROM A JAR


“In a timeless new southern voice, Fletcher’s well-crafted prose catches the spirit of small-town life in the forties.  His unforgettable characters fill the pages with the wisdom of simpler times.  ..a page-turning pleasure.” Linda Douty, author of four books on the spiritual journey.

“So much of the book rings true to me because I experienced the same things.  I shed tears several times. A very moving story.”  Newton Neely, retired Professor of Theatre, University of Montevallo.

“…how amazing it is that a story which is so foreign to my experience can come so much alive as if I had been there myself and had seen it with my own eyes.  This is real art.”  Dr. Mary Miller, retired Professor of Russian Languages, George Washington University.

“I could not put the book down until I finished it.  This story was a trip down memory lane for me,
bringing to mind familiar scenes from my youth.  It took me on an emotional ride from laughter to tears.”  Jim Mitchell, Jackson, TN.

“What a great book.  We couldn’t put it down.”  Jim and BA Shaver, Aiken, SC.

“I read the book in just a day and a half.  Once I got into the solving of the murder and the trial chapters, I couldn’t stop until I finished.”    Christine Webb, Virginia Beach, VA.

“I spent a most enjoyable weekend reading “Moonbeams.”   It brought back memories of growing up in
North Carolina.”  The illustrations are so detailed that… after I read the pages, I looked at the pictures and everything was as the words described.  Dr. Pam Dennis, Lambuth University Library Director.

“A must read for everyone.  Excellent writing – entertaining and a good story.”   Bill Ward, Asheville, NC.

“I started the book one night and finished it the next day.  The book reminds me of my boys who are ten and twelve.  I can’t wait for them to read it.”   June Pettit, Adamsville, TN.

“A story that evokes many pleasant memories to anyone who grew up in the rural South.  Expect a surprising ending to a storyline that keeps the reader in suspense.  The illustrations put flesh on the author’s words.”  Floyd Harris, LaGrange, TN.

“The characters were delightful, the story rich and the description of the times made me long for innocence again.  I could almost smell and visibly see each scene.”  Julia Johnson, El Paso, TX.

“A delightful novel filled with wonder, adventure, murder and mystery, all woven into a story fabric that holds one’s
attention until the unpredictable ending.  The illustrations bring life to the text.”  Rev. John Hires, Largo, FL.

“This is a book I want my children and grandchildren to read.”  Dr. Jack Henton, Germantown, TN.

“What a wonderful novel and terrific read.  The book had everything to peak my interest and was hard to put down.”  Bonnie Bass, Tampa, FL.

“…A warm, comfortable, inviting, lovable read and then…the mystery begins.  I found myself setting it
aside, not wanting it to end as I savored each word.”  Audrey Murley, Birchwood, WI.

“…a heartwarming story of a close and loving family in a time when life seemed less complicated.  The author’s eye for detail is fantastic.  The touch of suspense was enough to keep me turning the pages into the night.  What a treasure.”  Suzy Orebaugh, Raleigh, NC.

“I loved it. Delightful.  Great job.  Maybe a good movie script.”  Bill Kirk, Phoenix, AZ.

“Loved the book and have shared it with many friends.  I am recommending it to everyone I know.”  June Vinson, Adamsville, TN.

“Fascinating detail.  I traveled the journey as I read it.”  Dr. Walter Mischke, Memphis, Tn


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